Residential commercial sales lettings management

Renting your property?

National Estates offers a variety of services for residential lettings:

Guaranteed Rentals :

This is a rental that you will receive on a monthly basis whether the property is occupied or not for a fixed period of 1-5 years. National Estates will be responsible for the management and maintenance of the property with no commission charges. In fact, a £250.00 cashback is offered to all Landlords who want 'Peace of Mind'.

Management Agreement :

This service is where our professional staff and our full maintenance team will undertake to manage your property, vet the tenants and regularly visit the property, making sure that any problems are rectified and keeping the property to the standard that it should be for environmental purposes. We will collect rents from the tenants and pay you monthly with just a small fee of 15% of the monthly rental.

Straight Let Service :

National Estates can find the right tenant for your property, arrange all necessary references, deposits and rents in advance, do all relevant short-hold tenancy agreements; all for a charge of just two weeks rental.

Call us on : 01992 917 444 or email our lettings department on

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